Chefs from across Cumbria celebrate the mighty sausage this weekend

When the Tebay Services Hotel say they support and showcase the whole of the Cumbrian county not just the east where the hotel is based when it comes to food they really mean it.

Crossing from the far eastern edge of the county to one of the far western locations, Kevin Hillyer, Head Chef of the hotel will be travelling to Muncaster Castle this weekend May 2nd until the 4th for the Cumbria Life Sausage Festival. Kevin will be showcasing his talents through demonstrations along with another chef within the Westmorland Family, Peter Sidwell (TV chef and judge on ITV’s Britain’s Best Bakery, author, Executive Chef at Rheged and cookery school owner) also Jason Birkbeck who starred on Great British Menu and Head Chef of the Highwayman Inn at Kirkby Lonsdale and Muncaster’s very own Jon Fell.

food festival cumbria
Chefs and sausages at the Cumbria Life Sausage Festival this weekend

Sausages as so highly regarded now and feature on just about every bar, inn and restaurant menu throughout Cumbria. Appreciation and expectation of high quality sausages is a given now and luckily Cumbria, the home of the highly regarded and holder of PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status Cumberland sausage, know a little bit about a beyond tasty banger.

Sausages either on the bar menu, main restaurant menu and at breakfast time feature highly on the menu at the Tebay Services Hotel. Traditional Sausage & Mash, sausage used as a stuffing for a Chicken Roulade and of course, what full breakfast couldn’t be without a Cumberland sausage when staying in a hotel in Cumbria? It only goes to show how revered the quality is with the regular Twitter and Facebook posts by guests of the hotel for the breakfast at the hotel and the nationally recognised and renowned Cumberland sausage bun available at Tebay Services.

So look out for Kevin Hillyer and the delights he’ll be cooking up along with his Westmorland Family colleague Peter Sidwell, both flying the flag for not just the East of the county but the whole of it.

Full details of the Cumbria Life Sausage Festival can be found here.

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Wainwright’s at Langdale is a smoking…..cold inn!

Yes BBQ’d food is about the way the flames char and caramelise the outside of the food and the excitement of cooking outside but the smoked flavour is the third and final piece of the delicious jigsaw and kind of like the addictive part of the BBQ food taste. Just think, that readymade BBQ sauce available in the shops, it is “smokey” in taste.

But the smoke food revolution has gone well beyond just that of smoking meat. On many of today’s menus you’ll find smoke salt, smoked cheese and smoked olives even. There are two ways to smoke, hot and cold. Hot smoking you’ll not be surprised to hear cooks the food stuff so it can be eaten after the smoking process such as the smoked chicken found in delis and hot smoked salmon. They can of course be reheated and included in hot dishes but can be eaten cold too.

cold smoker wainwrights inn langdale
The cold smoker in situ at Wainwright’s

Cold smoking is definitely the form that is most popular amongst chefs and foodies. It is cold smoking that has really pushed on the smoked food revolution with it enabling such a broad range of food to be smoked. Cold smoking can be very well controlled so as to not over power the product as well as enabling controlled cooking of the food for example, cold smoke a beef steak and still be able to cook it to the diners liking.

Wainwright’s Inn at Langdale is the latest eatery in the Lake District to get a cold smoker. The smoker will sit amongst the stunning scenery of the Langdale Valley in the beer garden and will allow the chefs to smoke all manner of meat, cheese or maybe they may even have a go at smoking beer! The popularity of their sliders made up of pulled pork and beef brisket created for them by Pappy’s Texas BBQ has made the Wainwright’s chef aware of how much their guests have taken to this tasty way of flavouring food. Visit for more details.

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Social starters in a very social setting in the Lake District

Spring has sprung and so has the new spring menu at the Cuckoo Brow Inn at Far Sawrey. This highly social and welcoming, traditional Lake District inn has some equally as social starters on the new menu. We’re talking dipping, crunching and no doubt dripping and most definitely full on tasty.

Firstly Mixed Bean Chilli Dipping Pot which comes with corn crisps, melted cheddar and sour cream
& chives. Secondly, Smoked Lancashire Cheese Dipping Pot and in light of the UK being named the cheese capital of the world recently, an even bigger reason to enjoy. This dipping pot comes with crusty pouchon bread, carrot, celery & cucumber sticks. The there’s Spicy Sweet Potatoes with tomato and chilli salsa and garlic aioli dipping sauces. Finally for the 100% bread lover there’s a selection of artisan breads with olive oil and balsamic to dip.

lake district bed & breakfast
Come straight off the fells to super tasty food at the Cuckoo Brow Inn

Being one of the best places to stop after a long fell walk, if there’s a group of you too to take advantage of ordering one of each of the starters to share, what could be better. You’ll absolutely love how they are presented in little pots on boards. All that is required is a pint of real ale or a glass of wine and the recovery process will take no time at all!

And you may not have even noticed, all the above is vegetarian and gluten free or except the artisan breads, can be gluten free on request. Great to have such options now and a little less meat isn’t going to do us any harm and there is no shortage of meaty mains like the Barnsley Chop or the Cumbrian Ham.

You can hop over the lake to the Cuckoo Brow Inn or there’s easy access from Newby Bridge, Hawkshead and Coniston. They also have 14 Lake District bed & breakfast bedrooms too. Ring 015394 43425 for more information or visit