Celebrate gin o clock in the Lake District on Saturday 13th June

It’s officially World Gin Day on Saturday 13th June. Not that anyone even needs a reason for cheeky gin and tonic but it should be an absolute must on Saturday if you love this botanical tipple. The gin renaissance is well and truly happening right now with the UK offering some of the best in the world, the biggest choice and to, arguably, the most discerning of gin quaffer.

The Lake District surely has to be confirmed as the gin county of Northern England. There are now some national award winning gins being distilled in the Lake District and Cumbria, receiving rave reviews and being stocked and drunk as far as the capital. It makes sense, the Lake District has some of the purest water in the UK, filtered through slate and rocks for millions of years producing the ideal and cleanest water for making spirits such as gin.

windermere hotel
Gin o’cock on the terrace at Applegarth Villa Windermere

For anyone visiting the county then trying one of these Lake District gins is a must. Each have distinctly difference flavour notes meaning all should be sampled (!!!). Choose between Bedrock, Lakes Distillery and Langton’s

After enjoying World Whisky Day earlier in May, Applegarth Villa Hotel & Restaurant in Windermere will now be looking forward the celebrating gin. The terrace looking out across the park and the fells beyond is the ideal location for sipping gin and the weather forecast looks to be rising to this auspicious occasion. Bedrock Gin is highly sort after by guests at Applegarth Villa and still only available to purchase in a select number of outlet, has kept the exclusivity of this artisan beverage. Bedrock Gin has citrus notes, is different to any other gin with the addition of Cumbrian oak bark and goes exceptionally well with basil and lime.

Luxury and Ultimate Luxury room available for gin o’clock weekend from £250 per room per night based on 2 sharing including breakfast. Call 015394 43206 or online via http://www.lakesapplegarth.co.uk

Be upstanding for British Sandwich Week

I know sandwiches are made and served the world over but sandwiches are properly British and did even originate here. More so, they are really very quintessentially British don’t you think? I’m talking a proper sandwich made up of a filling between 2 slices of bread, not on a ciabatta, sub or baguette, actual sliced bread.

If you think to so many times during your lives when a sandwich has featured like at parties on cold buffet tables, the first day of school packed lunch, school trips, home cooked ham sandwiches sat in the car on a wet Bank Holiday Monday (that is from personal experience can’ you tell!), that magic butty when you’ve got to the top of one of the Lake District fells……

The humble sandwich is now available elevated to enormous heights. The choice on offer on nearly every street is quite something with just about every cuisine included and catered for. The sandwich industry in the UK alone is worth 2.6 billion rising each year which just goes to show this once underrated, second class bite is now a major player in the food and drink market.

lake district afternoon tea
Not a crust in sight on a Hobson’s @ Langdale Afternoon Tea!

I doubt anyone has ever been against the practicality of a sandwich, how it can be eaten on the go and so widely available but the mundane fillings were what made people fall out of favour with them. I love cheese but bland, mild cheddar on cardboard white bread is not a cheese butty. Get some farmhouse cheddar on a nice granary or wholemeal sliced loaf with a good pickle and that is a cheese sandwich. Keeping it simple yet with good quality ingredients is what I class as a good sandwich. To make everyone even more hungry whilst reading this how about thick, dry cured bacon on a white bloomer with lashing of red/brown sauce or really good free range egg mayo and cress or the exceptionally traditionally British coronation chicken?

If you’re looking for some good butties in the Lake District then head to the Langdale Estate. Choose between great post walk baguettes and sandwiches with bread from Lovingly Artisan in Staveley at Wainwright’s Inn or for a bit of decadence go to Hobson’s Bar at the Langdale Hotel for afternoon tea. There you can get your coronation chicken fix along with free range egg & cress but also with caviar as well as smoked salmon (and of course homemade cakes galore!). Visit http://www.langdale.co.uk for more details.

By Cumbria Food Blog