Wainwright’s at Langdale is a smoking…..cold inn!

Yes BBQ’d food is about the way the flames char and caramelise the outside of the food and the excitement of cooking outside but the smoked flavour is the third and final piece of the delicious jigsaw and kind of like the addictive part of the BBQ food taste. Just think, that readymade BBQ sauce available in the shops, it is “smokey” in taste.

But the smoke food revolution has gone well beyond just that of smoking meat. On many of today’s menus you’ll find smoke salt, smoked cheese and smoked olives even. There are two ways to smoke, hot and cold. Hot smoking you’ll not be surprised to hear cooks the food stuff so it can be eaten after the smoking process such as the smoked chicken found in delis and hot smoked salmon. They can of course be reheated and included in hot dishes but can be eaten cold too.

cold smoker wainwrights inn langdale
The cold smoker in situ at Wainwright’s

Cold smoking is definitely the form that is most popular amongst chefs and foodies. It is cold smoking that has really pushed on the smoked food revolution with it enabling such a broad range of food to be smoked. Cold smoking can be very well controlled so as to not over power the product as well as enabling controlled cooking of the food for example, cold smoke a beef steak and still be able to cook it to the diners liking.

Wainwright’s Inn at Langdale is the latest eatery in the Lake District to get a cold smoker. The smoker will sit amongst the stunning scenery of the Langdale Valley in the beer garden and will allow the chefs to smoke all manner of meat, cheese or maybe they may even have a go at smoking beer! The popularity of their sliders made up of pulled pork and beef brisket created for them by Pappy’s Texas BBQ has made the Wainwright’s chef aware of how much their guests have taken to this tasty way of flavouring food. Visit http://www.langdale.co.uk/wainwrights-inn.html for more details.

By Cumbria Food Blog